Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management courses are offered in Toronto  and via Telemedicine to hospital sites across Ontario.

Throughout the past years six courses have been offered:

All the courses were facilitated by Dr Jackie Gardner-Nix until Fall of 2012, when Barb Fraser of Haliburton started to offer MBCPMTM level 1, having trained on our curriculum.  MBCPMTM level 1 will now be offered by an increasing number of facilitators at an increasing number of Ontario sites, and beyond, since facilitator training became available through the NeuroNova Centre in 2012.

Wait Time

Typical wait time to enter the entry level course, Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management, is between 4 to 12 months for sites in Toronto .  Wait times for the sites serviced by the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) will vary based on the number of participants in each location.

The Basic Mindfulness courses are offered 3 times a year starting in January, April and September. Class is once a week for 2 hours 50 minutes including a mid class intermission, and run for 13 weeks. Courses are offered at sites in Toronto and can be  linked with patients at other facilities in Ontario via Telemedecine.   A physician referral is required and faxed to The NeuroNova Centre Patient Referral Form

Distant site courses run via telemedicine link up to the Toronto sites have to date been offered at: Bracebridge, Brampton, Cambridge, Campbellford, Carlton Place, Cochrane, Elliot Lake, Espanola, Fort Frances, Haliburton, Iroquois Falls, Kingston, Leamington, Lindsay, Little Current, Napanee, Newmarket, Noelville, North Bay, Orangeville, Orillia, Oshawa, Parry Sound, Peterborough, Picton, Sault Ste-Marie, Shelburne, Sturgeon Falls, Sudbury, Terrace Bay, Thunder Bay, Wawa, and Wellington.

More sites can be accommodated if there are enough participants and a telemedicine site is available locally for clinical work and if we have trained enough facilitators willing to offer courses through telemedicine.  In general only MDs can offer it on the health plan through telemedicine. Application for Ontario Telemedicine (OTN) Classes: it requires a physician referral.

As of Fall 2013, most of the classes are run with at least five sites simultaneously, sites being connected through TV screens from their local hospitals and health facilities. Average number of participants is 50 for the entire class. Commonly there is a drop out rate of about 15% of the class participants by the 4th class of the course.

Please check with the facilitator in your area for the cost of the course.