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The Emotional Skills course teaches insightful and less reactive ways to communicate effectively with others and with yourself.  This can result in keeping pain more under control, as pain intensifies under stress.  It is a 10 week course divided into 5 modules, each of which focuses on a specific topic, and participants work closely with the material in the Emotional Skills workbook.

Module 1:  Emotional Development and Neural Pathways

Module 2:  Emotions and the Immune System

Module 3:  Mental Illnesses

Module 4:  The Male and Female Brain

Module 5:  Personality Differences

(Module 5 segways into the Lumina Spark course offered as the level 4 of the MBCPM™ series)


  • Two of the MBCPM™ Courses, OR
  • One of the MBCPM™ Courses and one of the  MBCPM™ Advanced Review Courses
  • Consistent attendance at the prior courses
  • Regular formal practice

The course is based on seven books, on which the Emotional Skills workbook for the course is based (Please note: you do not have to purchase these books, just the workbook):

Emotional Intelligence By Daniel Goleman
Working with Emotional Intelligence
Social Intelligence: The New Science of Social Relationships
The Female Brain By Louann Brizendine
The Male Brain
When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress by Dr. Gabor Maté
Why Zebras don”t have Ulcers by Robert M. Sapolsky

This course consists of 10 sessions.

How to Apply

If you have done a MBCPM™ or MBCPM™ Advanced Review Course within the year with the same facilitator, apply directly to them for enrolment into this course. Otherwise use the generic MBCPM™ referral form to fax into the facilitator offering the course in your region.


Please check with the facilitator of your course.

Emotional Skills:  Lumina Spark Course

This Lumina Spark course is for alumni of the MBCPM™ courses, specifically profiling the unique qualities of each participant, in their confidential customized “portrait,” in detail. Dr. Gardner-Nix trained in this course and became a Canadian Lumina affiliate in 2011, and has since researched this course for managing pain:  Pilot research on more than 50 patients who completed this course showed it did reduce pain. More than 150 patients and MBCPM™ facilitators have now gone through this course. Sheri-Leigh Liddard, a graduate of MBCPM™ and an MBCPM™ facilitator assistant, has also been trained by Lumina Canada and is offering courses for MBCPM™ alumni and facilitators, and corporations, in Lumina Spark.

Corporate Lumina Learning

NNC now offers Lumina Spark, Lumina Leader, and Lumina 360 to corporations and workforces wanting Lumina as their team building and leadership tool within their organizations. Lumina is the latest generation of such tools and is aligned with Jung’s school of psychology, providing insight in how our characteristics shift under our underlying, everyday and over extended conditions experienced by us all in our day to day lives. This tool assists in strategies to work well with others, regain our composure during challenging times and understand our unique strengths we can leverage in achieving team objectives. “Blending” our differences can be our team’s (or family’s) strength. For information about other courses offered please read  Lumina-Learning-Flyer

About Lumina Spark Course

From an alumnus who took it in 2013:

“Upon first hearing of Lumina Spark, past corporate trainings such as Myers-Briggs or other personality-Type/Psychometrics training sessions they may have attended in the past came to mind. What follows is my attempt at a comparison:

Many of these courses are geared toward one’s “working style” or “at work persona” and, I found, offer little insight to one’s critical family and social styles. Having worked most of my career in a corporate world I found these corporate offerings useful. They helped by giving folks a common terminology, insights in bringing out their best, and how to truly benefit from the diverse styles and backgrounds within the team.

Stepping into Lumina Spark I was expecting another similar product. What I found most beneficial was the very detailed profiling of the various “personas” or “modes” we operate within during our daily lives away from work as well: how we operate at work vs. how we act with family or friends vs. how we truly feel inside about how we are perceived. Lumina Spark helped me profile at least 3 of my personas and understand previously unrecognized differences between them, and at times, internal conflicts between them.

So as much as Lumina Spark could be applied to a work or corporate setting, to me it seems to be somewhat unique by providing methods to resolve internal conflicts between our various personas, putting one’s mind at ease. Interpersonal relationships are usually a significant stressor on our lives and this tool does seem to help with this a great deal. Having identified a direct link between pain and stress Dr. Jackie takes it one step further by leveraging her years of experience and customizing the courses to the everyday needs of those of us experiencing chronic pain. The results are surprisingly effective.


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