• Daily Meditation Practice

    Try the Body Scan Meditation three times this week, and alternate it with any other meditation you’ve learned thus far. If the body scan is too difficult to do, you may choose another meditation.


    Weekly readings are taken from “The Mindfulness Solution to Pain” book.

    Chapter 7 – “Reclaiming the Parts that Hurt: The Body Scan” (pages 77 – 88). Pick out the parts, sections or paragraphs that stand out to you. 

    Are there sections that give you “aha” moments?

    Weekly Activities

    Identify any personal benefits or challenges arising from the Body Scan Meditation. Do you notice that you have been shunning certain parts of your body?

    Do you notice whether you avoid the parts that do not work to your satisfaction or those that are in pain or have been violated?

    Do you avoid awareness of your body because you have a poor body image due to weight challenges? 

    Class 6

    Thank you for joining us!

    On this page, you’ll find all the elements that will support and complement your learnings from the in-class session. Feel free to explore the tabs, and return to them throughout the week as needed.