Mindfulness Program Consulting Services

We offer consultation advice on the setting up of trauma-informed mindfulness programmes for the beginning facilitator, for the institution or business, based on the 15 years we have been evolving our programmes in  Canada.

We assess your goals and the culture of your institution prior to preparing a report or giving verbal advice and mentoring through your process.

Chronic pain/Stress sufferers are a challenging population and have taught us much about the implementation and research of such a program as ours. We can advise best on pain populations, but we can offer help in implementing mindfulness courses for other populations, based on our experience.  We can help with a selection of the following:

  • Reaching out and marketing to clinical populations; percentages of referrals from health care providers who accept the program, attrition rates and outcomes;
  • Team composition required to run mindfulness programs;
  • Assessment of outcomes, questionnaires, and their application;
  • Setting costs of courses and the influence of cost on characteristics of the population attending;
  • Setting guidelines for program participants;
  • Systems for recording and retrieving attendance;
  • Systems for storing referrals, managing intake and outcome data;
  • Generating curriculum;
  • Writing and recording guided meditations;
  • Generating customized materials;
  • Acquiring meditation supplies and their costs;
  • Selection and training of new facilitators; setting cost of training, and percentage expected to go on to teach the courses;
  • Mentoring new facilitators;
  • Accrediting or certifying facilitators and co-facilitators;
  • Partnering with academic institutions;
  • Ensuring fidelity and congruence of curriculum and importance/relevance;
  • Relating to parent institution of the programs;
  • Developing alumni programs;
  • Designing research to test the program;
  • Establishing a volunteer program to support courses;
  • Volunteer guidelines;
  • Designing customized space for teaching mindfulness and for training facilitators;
  • Establishing a system for allowing facilitators in training to audit programs;
  • Using distance education to deliver mindfulness remotely: pros and cons, and training for such facilitation;
  • Establishing a maintenance program; and,
  • Acquiring insurance.

Corporate Services:  We offer customized courses for staff of corporations.

For more information, contact our office at 416-461-4333  or send an email to


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