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How the COVID-19 pandemic can increase mindfulness – which we need to keep us safer

During uncertain times many Canadian get creative and kind!  For some this may be a time to slow down and reduce the frenetic pace we often live at, while appreciating the increased pace of those in health care and who provide essential services.

As we’re pivoting to online alternatives where we can, the NNC team appreciated even more that we had established our regular online team “Water Cooler” videoconferencing sessions last Fall as a way to connect our workplace team members. More than just online brainstorming, the “Water Cooler” provides for open discussion, sharing, and team discovery in a safe environment, over a morning coffee or evening beverage – virtually!  We can all use these platforms with our families and friends now.

Our team discussed many interesting COVID-19-related mindful emerging outcomes and strategies…

  • Washing Our Hands has never been more mindful – and is likely to remain a habit:  Check out this video by the CDC on how to properly wash your hands.
  • Care Mongering:  describes the practice of offering help or care to those that need it most, with compassion.  Check out this article by the BBC.
  • Possible mortgage and rent breaks:  Corporate caring – Canada’s six big banks are now giving mortgage payment deferrals.  Landlords can help renters when they take a mortgage deferral option and give a rent break.
  • Saving on Automotive Insurance:  More than one vehicle in the household but only using one now?  Park one and reduce to fire and theft insurance on that vehicle.
  • Saving on gas – good for the environment.
  • Spending time getting to know our kids better.  Spending time on the phone, FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom with our extended family members.
  • Returning to Board (Bored?) Games:  Even online, such as Scrabble or Monopoly.
  • Sleeping better with no commute:  Joy!
  • Getting in touch with the mundane:  Mindfully doing routine tasks was never so practiced and appreciated!
  • Mindfully Eating:  Really tasting our food.
  • Tuning in to the burgeoning online offerings by artists, mindfulness communities, and others who are creatively offering to connect us.

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