MBCSM Stress Management for Healthcare Workers




The MBCSM six-week therapeutic and educational course is designed for Ontario healthcare workers and those in helping and caring roles who are experiencing stress and trauma in these pandemic times:  This is your course!


Through the applied practice of Mindfulness in stress management, participant outcomes include:

  • Understanding how stress is manifesting in your body, and finding ways to mitigate the the effects
  • Recognizing caregiver burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Exploring the causes and impacts of post-traumatic stress and post traumatic stress disorder and the difference between the two
  • Learning to mindfully manage your Occupational Stress Injuries/Illnesses (OSIs) and reduce its impact on families, friends, and colleagues
  • Applying effective mindfulness strategies in your life and enhancing your overall mental and physical health


Please contact NNC with any inquiries:  team@neurovnovacentre.com

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