Meditations for the Mindfulness Solution to Pain

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Written and Recorded by Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix

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Meditations for the Mindfulness Solution to Pain

Your mood, thoughts and emotions affect your perception of pain and your ability to heal. While treatments like medication & physical therapy can be enormously beneficial to the body, to maximize pain relief, it’s necessary to take advantage of the mind’s healing abilities. The meditations on these Downloads have been recorded by Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix, and can be used in conjunction with her best-selling book, “The Mindfulness Solution to Pain”. Together, the book and Downloads introduce you to mindfulness practice, which helps you to harness your mind’s power to quiet your pain and put you in control. Regular meditation and mindfulness practice can help to reverse the debilitating effects of chronic pain conditions, assist in preventing acute pain from becoming chronic or long-term, and lift the anxiety & depression that may accompany chronic pain.

Downloadable Album available at (for laptops, computers, Android tablets or phones and Windows tablets or phones only) and iTunes (for any Apple products)

Download 1
Introduction to Mindful Pain Solutions Meditations [3:01]
5 Minute Meditation [5:16]
10 minute Meditation [9:55]
20 minute Meditation [19:48]
Introduction To Walking Meditation [1:39]
10 Minute Walking or Silent Meditation [10:23]

Download 2
Introduction [1:02]
First Aid Meditation – [5:33]
Body Scan – [19:15]
Guided Imagery – [13:49]
Mindful Movements – [18:27]

Total Running Time: 1 hour 52 minutes

Please Note: These meditations are not intended to become a substitute for advice and treatment provided by your own physician or any other medical professional. Always seek the advice of a trained health care professional with any questions you may have regarding your own specific medical condition. These meditations should not be played while driving or operating machinery. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking medical treatment due to working with these meditations, and, if emotional difficulties arise when working with these meditations, please consult with a therapist or other health care professional.

Recorded at:  Cherry Beach Sound LTD., 33 Villiers Street,  Toronto, Ontario, M5A 1A9[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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