Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management Curriculum Implementation and Development (CID online)

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This on line course, which follows PTI and CTI training, includes developing concepts presented in the course in more depth. It includes: practicing preambles and delivery of formal practices; deeper scrutiny and discussion of trauma -informed facilitation strategies;  pain and neuroplasticity; starting up courses; administration of courses; validated outcome-measuring instruments for application to a chronic pain population; use of distance delivery methods; immunity and pain; plus further opportunities to practice and deepen skills of enquiry. Powerpoint presentations will be included for many of the topics, and  the sessions recorded for later study. There will also be discussions of further certification levels: recognizing increasing skills following the Bangor, Exeter & Oxford mindfulness-based interventions teaching assessment criteria (MBI-TAC)* for assessing the competence and adherence of mindfulness-based class-based teaching. These real time classes constitute ongoing education and mentorship.

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PREREQUISITE(S):  The MBCPM™ PTI and/or CTI training. This course is aimed at health-care professionals with a daily mindfulness practice wishing to facilitate the MBCPM™ course for pain and/or stress management.  A degree in a biological/clinical/counseling discipline is recommended.

TO ENROL:  https://learn.utoronto.ca/programs-courses/courses/3503-mindfulness-based-chronic-pain-management-facilitation-curriculum

This works toward the requirements for the Applied Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management (MBCPM™) Facilitation 

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