About NeuroNova Centre

Dr. Gardner-Nix established NeuroNova Centre for Mindful
Solutions Inc. (NNC) to offer professional trainings, online and
on site, to facilitate the Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain
Management (MBCPM™) course she devised and evolved for
chronic pain sufferers since 2002. The trauma-sensitive,
trauma-informed MBCPM™ detailed curriculum is available to
professionals who train to run the courses.
NNC collaborates with University of Toronto School of
Continuing Studies (UTSCS) to:
  1. offer the same patient/client course to professionals, to experience it; and
  2. offer training and mentorship to those who want to continue on to train to facilitate the course.
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Our Professional Training Instructors

We are available to teach throughout the world, online, via Zoom interface.

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Our once monthly free open Zoom

Pain Management Non-Medication Options: What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy compared to Mindfulness?

9 July 2020

7.00 PM

Enrolling: MBCPM Practical & Curriculum Trainings

Practical Training (PT) July 2020 & Curriculum Training Intensive (CTI) August 2020

7 July 2020

6:00 PM


This interactive online, two-day training will introduce strategies and languaging to mindfulness courses which are trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed, to enhance keeping the space safe for all

24 October 2020

9:00 AM

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Join the NeuroNova Connect community through our quarterly newsletters, monthly bulletins, and training updates.

Join the NeuroNova Connect community, through our quarterly newsletters, monthly bulletins, and training updates.