• Meditation Practices

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    Ten Minute for Stress

    Cultivating being alert and present in this moment. Bringing our awareness to being alive and feeling that life within us. Experiencing a spaciousness of mind and befriending the silence – forever within our reach. (10:22)

    Grounding Meditation

    Noticing the places that connect our body to the world around us. Exploring with curiosity and bare awareness the elements that support us in this moment and the next. Observing our thought “stream” as it flows past us. (12:29)

    Chair Mindful Movements

    Tuning into any sensations arising in the moment – approaching our experiences with a sense of curiosity, and non-judgment. Developing an awareness that mindful movements can occur in both body and mind. (16:52)

    First Aid for Stress

    An opportunity to be fully engaged in the here and now, while maintaining awareness of our past. Taking part in our own healing, and understanding it is never too late to start feeling human and worthwhile again. (5:54)

    Nature Meditation

    Mindfully choosing to reconnect and be present with nature. Slowing down; honing our ability to observe and noticing what arises in each moment – listening to the melodic sound of birds chirping in their natural habitat.  (5:11)