• Advanced Review for Pain / Stress

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    About The Course

    MBCPM™ Advanced Review  is open to participants who have completed at least one MBCPM™ course, have been consistent in attendance, and are meditating at least 5 days a week leading up to the MBCPM™ Advanced Review course.

    The MBCPM™ Advanced Review course is 12 to 13 weeks long, with participants attending once per week. Classes are 2 hours and 50 minutes long, with a 15 minute break, and are a more in-depth revision of the content of the MBCPM™course, with other alumni.

    Consistent attendance is required to remain in the course.


    The cost of participation is covered by the Ontario provincial health insurance plan, if led by an MD facilitator or a health care professional covered by a health facility’s budget. A physician’s referral is required.

    It is recommended participants have the MBCPM™ course materials:  The Mindfulness Solution to Pain book and the workbook / meditation download bundle.