• Veteran MBCPM™ Program

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    Support for Veterans and Military

    Run by a physician and a “lived experience” veteran, this is a course where first responders and veterans learn the principles of mindfulness meditation and how the practice may reduce symptoms of pain, operational stress injury (OSI), PTSD, anxiety, and burnout. Mindfulness practice can change the intensity of both emotional and physical suffering in a very positive way.

    Program Benefits

    First responders and veterans experiencing chronic pain and OSIs face increasing challenges in everyday life.  The program will provide Mindfulness training to help with:

    • Reducing symptoms of pain, OSI, and burnout – increasing resilience
    • Easing transition from traumas and troubling life events:  Understanding triggers
    • Improving life balance
    • Renewing a sense of purpose
    • Improving personal and professional relationships
    • Managing anxiety, life stress, and feelings of isolation
    • Possibly modifying medication requirements (with physician oversight)


    The MBCPM™ program is trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed and involves:

    • Practicing mindfulness and meditation
    • Understanding the connection between stress and mind/body challenges
    • Enhancing self-care: eating, exercising, and sleeping issues
    • Working on behaviors and self-awareness in relationship with others and with self