Psychotherapy Resources


For the following resources, therapists will charge a fee, but a portion or all may be covered by the patient’s extended benefits.  The clinic or therapist will discuss that with the patient.

The Mindfulness Clinic:






Pawan Singh MSW, RSW:

  • an MBCPM facilitator, works with trauma survivors, online sessions





The following resources are often covered by either a patient’s employer, Veteran’s Affairs, or OHIP:

1.  EAP (Employee Assistance Plan)

  • accessed through the organization for which a patient works

2.  Veterans’ Affairs

  • For veterans or family members of veterans, therapy is often covered by Veterans’ Affairs

3.  Medical Psychotherapy Association Canada (MDPAC):

  • Provides a directory of physician psychotherapists based on a patient’s location (Note that with COVID, location may not matter except for province, given internet access to sessions)

4.  The Medical Clinic for Person-Centred Psychotherapy:

  • Call office 416-229-2399 or toll free 1-888-229-8088
  • Provides psychotherapy on the phone or other video platforms
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