• Mindfulness-Based Chronic Stress Management

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    About the Program

    This course to is parallel to the pain course, as most of what is covered is just as relevant for those suffering from stress and stress-induced conditions.  Facilitators trained to run the pain course can also run this course using the customized MBCSM workbook and the meditations created to accompany this course.  Alumni from the pain course may also work with this workbook and find it to be a useful revision.

    • It is particularly relevant to staff or corporations, healthcare workers and others in many industries and may help prevent stress-related challenges and enhance resilience.


    • These downloads have been created to accompany the MBCSM course.  An added bonus is the poetry which can be used to encourage thoughtful discussion during this course, two of the poems helping with the concept of being mindful (Download 1) and two poems to shed light on the formal practices of Body Scan and Guided Imagery (Download 2).
    • Alumni of the pain version of our courses will appreciate having these meditations, too.
    • Music plays quietly behind the introductions and the poetry.  It is not used in the formal practices:  Music being a distraction from simply being open with awareness to whatever arises during the guidance.


    Module 1 (classes 1 to 5):  Introduce tools to increase wise-mind and resilience

    Module 2 (classes 6 to 9):  Enhance the mind-body connection, self-nurture and awareness

    Module 3 (classes 10 to 13):  Enhance relationship skills in a broad context

    The full three modules are usually taught over 12 to 13 weeks at 2.5 hours per class, but can be taught over 3 to 4 days, or over 2 weekends.