MBCPM™ Certificate at UTSCS

Applied Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management (MBCPM™) Facilitation


People with chronic pain face unique challenges in everyday life, including difficulty in maintaining positive relationships.  If you’re a health care professional with a mindfulness practice, this unique certificate program will give you the comprehensive training you need to help people better manage their chronic pain.  You’ll emerge ready and able to reduce suffering, emotional and physical, among individuals and groups.  You’ll get the skill and insight you need to facilitate Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management courses and supervise others who want to follow in your footsteps.



  • Apply mindfulness practice to reduce chronic pain.
  • Increase clients’ resilience before examining stressful topics.
  • Induce greater calm and understanding of triggers.
  • Introduce the concept of neuroplasticity into pain management.
  • Facilitate courses for public and corporate groups.




  • Discover how aligning the mind and body can help people manage chronic pain.
  • Learn how to train others in this life-changing practice.
  • Earn the School of Continuing Studies Certificate in Applied Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management™ Facilitation.




Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management™ Practical Training UTSCS 3699  – Cost $995

Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management™ Facilitation: Curriculum Training Intensive UTSCS 3502 – Cost $1495

Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management™ Facilitation: Curriculum Implementation and Development UTSCS 3503 – Cost$995

If you have questions about these professional trainings or the Certificate programme, contact us here.

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