• Trauma-Sensitive / Trauma-Informed Training

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    About This Course


    This 2 day, 12 hour course teaches best practices in detecting behaviours relating to past trauma, and managing dysregulated behaviours, which may particularly arise in participants during Mindfulness practice. Learners will examine how to assist participants in staying within, or close to, their “Windows of Tolerance”.  Strategies are demonstrated, and practiced, which are trauma-sensitive and trauma informed, including considerations relating to small group work, careful choice of languaging, and sensitive preambles and inquiry relating to formal practices. Body scan meditation strategies are particularly examined.

    This training helps facilitators to improve their skills at inquiry, normalize their responses to behaviours triggered in participants, and increase their confidence and abilities in managing complex situations that may arise during Mindfulness courses. Empowering participants during Mindfulness courses through providing a range of choices during teaching, is also examined.


    • Develop a referral process that ensures the client is ready and appropriate for Mindfulness course entry
    • Structure Mindfulness courses in a trauma-informed trauma-sensitive way
    • Role model and use language with sensitivity to past trauma
    • Recognize behaviours which suggest triggering of past trauma
    • Assist participants to stay within, or close, to their “window of tolerance” while you remain within yours