Mindfulness Matters Maintenance




MBCPM™ Mindfulness Maintenance is called “Mindfulness Matters” and is a “drop-in” class for alumni of the MBCPM™ and MBCSM courses and trainings.

Anyone who has done a mindfulness programme elsewhere may also apply with a physician’s referral.

There are currently two ″Chapters” of “Mindfulness Matters” in Ontario, but as groups at health facilities can no longer congregate, the affected chapters are suspended during COVID-19 restrictions:


Chapter 1 is hosted by facilitators Annie Hebert RN and Barb Fraser MSW from Noelville and Haliburton respectively, and links with a number of sites via telemedicine including Aurora, Blind River, Bracebridge, Elliot Lake and Newmarket, but please check our table periodically for site updates.  Scripts of themes and guidelines are provided by NNC, to explore through formal practice and discussion.  Classes run on Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:30 pm ET;


Chapter 2 is hosted by NNC, online, via Zoom interface into participant’s homes, following the NNC themes and guidelines, to be explored through formal practice and discussion each week.  Classes run on Mondays from 7:00 to 8:15 pm ET via Zoom with NNC team members Katherine Hall and Debbie Joel. 

First time attending, two classes are free and then $25 to continue the session.  The next session of 9 drop-in classes is $55, or $130 for the year (add HST to all amounts).  There are four “sets” of classes per year.  Where there is financial hardship special arrangements can be made by contacting NNC at team@neuronovacentre.com

ChapterFacilitator/Volunteer/CoordinatorDay/TimeStart DateRegion/Delivery
Chapter 1Barb Fraser and Annie Hebert

Please fax referrals to Annie Hebert at 705-898-3106
TBATBAAurora, Blind River, Bracebridge, Elliot Lake, Haliburton, Newmarket and Noelville
Chapter 2Debbie Joel
Katherine Hall
NeuroNova Centre
ONLINE via Zoom
P: 416-461-4333
F: 866-217-0746
Mondays 7:00 – 8:15 pm ET2021 Sessions (9 classes per session)
 Session 1: Jan. 11 to March 15, 2021 (no class Feb. 15)
 Session 2: April 12 to June 14, 2021 (no class May 24)
 Session 3: July 19 to Sept. 27, 2021 (no class Aug. 2 and Sept. 6)
 Session 4: Oct. 18 to Dec. 13, 2021
Mindfulness Matters Maintenance Info Sheet
Online via Zoom into Participant’s Home

 Trial: First 2 classes are free; then only $25 if you want to continue for the remaining 7 classes
 $55 for a full Session (9 classes)
 $130 for a calendar year of drop-in classes (4 full Sessions) (payments may be made in instalments)

Mindfulness Matters Maintenance Registration Form



Referral Form for Chapter 1:  Mindfulness-Matters-Referral-Form

Referral Form for Chapter 2:  MBCPM Mindfulness Matters Registration Form

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