• Additional Discussions & Modalities

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    Additional Discussions & Modalities

    Making Meditation Scripts Your Own

    The theme this week involves an experiential examination of an augmented MBCPM™ meditation. Emphasis will be placed on languaging, tone, and associated preamble.

    Exploring Preambles to Guided Practices

    An open discussion examining the key elements found in effective preambles. Further illustration was provided highlighting the specific needs of populations experiencing IBS and eating disorders. 

    Is Guided Imagery, Meditation?

    Taking a deeper dive through group discussion into the concept of guided imagery. Is it closer to hypnosis or a guided meditation?

    Meditations on the Internet, Are They Trauma-Informed?

    Examining our “first reaction” to a guided meditation sourced from the internet. We will be discussing the elements found within, and looking for trauma-informed languaging.

    Hypnosis and Meditation, Do They Intersect?