The Virtual River Walk (edited)

Join Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix as she takes a virtual walk along the Ganaraska River on a sunny Spring day in April 2020.  Dr. Gardner-Nix is a physician who specializes in mindfulness
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A Recipe for Success

From Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix I am not much good at drawing, yet my contemplative creativity appears when I concoct recipes.  It’s also hard for me to pass recipes on to others
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Healthy Mindful Pancakes

From Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix  My grandchildren and I love pancakes but I know they are not a healthy breakfast. In fact when I immigrated to Canada from the UK, 35 years
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A Mindful Holiday Breakfast

From Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix So many people find the holidays challenging especially when they have chronic pain.  Those who have done our courses recognize the connection between these times and pain
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The Mindful Virtual Walk

Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix, a physician who specializes in mindfulness for medical applications, shares this mindful walk for both the able-bodied and challenged:  Taking a Mindful virtual walk, together, round a quiet
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