• Daily Meditative Practice

    Attempting at least 20 minutes of meditation each day – of your choice – from the program.


    Weekly readings are taken from the “Mindfulness Solution to Pain” book.

    Chapter 10 – “Art: See the Pain – Feel the Gain (pages 134 – 161)

    Weekly Activity

    Preparing Your Creative Project

    Taking time during the following week to put together a representation of your pain through creative means. This can be whatever feels right for you; a drawing, poem, collage, model, song or any depiction of your pain through a creative medium. If you feel ready, you can begin to work on this creative project. The option will be given to discuss your piece next class.

    Class 10

    Thank you for joining us!

    On this page, you’ll find all the elements that will support and complement your learnings from the in-class session. Feel free to explore the tabs, and return to them throughout the week as needed.