• Meditation Practices

    Engaging daily with the 5 or 10 Minute Meditation.


    Weekly readings are taken from “The Mindfulness Solution to Pain” book.

    Chapter 2 – “Mindfulness: What is it? Getting Acquainted with Your Inner Resources” (pages 23-30)

    Chapter 4 – “Mindfulness: Checking in On your Progress” (pages 42-48). Paying special attention to “Showering Mindfully” and “Cleaning Mindfully” (pages 46-47)

    Chapter 8 – “Sleep”. This will be discussed further in class 9, however it may be beneficial to read early in the course. (pages 116-119)

    Weekly Activities

    Choosing one activity of daily living to do mindfully, just once in the ensuing week. Examples might include taking a shower, brushing teeth or washing dishes, or walking the dog, but not cooking or eating, as these will be looked at in a subsequent class. 

    Perhaps noticing what happens to your pain levels while mindfully performing the activities. 

    We encourage you to bring any observations to our next class.

    Meditation Props and Positioning

    Images relating to meditative supports discussed in class.

    Click here to view.

    Class 2

    Thank you for joining us!

    On this page, you’ll find all the elements that will support and complement your learnings from the in-class session. Feel free to explore the tabs, and return to them throughout the week as needed.