• Daily Meditative Practice

    Attempting at least 20 minutes of meditation each day – of your choice – from the program.


    Weekly readings are taken from the “Mindfulness Solution to Pain” book.

    Chapter 9 – “People Stress” (pages 121 – 133). Paying special attention to the “Aikido Exercises” (pages 126 – 129)

    Weekly Activity

    Think of situations that may provoke you into behaviours of either Aikido 1 (placate/appeaser), Aikido 2 (avoidance) or Aikido 3 (combat). Consider bringing your examples to the next class. Also reading up on Aikido 4 (blending).

    Class 9

    Thank you for joining us!

    On this page, you’ll find all the elements that will support and complement your learnings from the in-class session. Feel free to explore the tabs, and return to them throughout the week as needed.