Corporate and Group Health Care Professional Courses

Introducing “Mindfulness-Based Chronic Stress Management”

Building Stress-Resilience and Wellness, Improving Function and Well-Being

Mindfulness-Based Chronic Stress Management (MBCSM)  is a parallel course to the long-standing pain curriculum. It is, therefore, “trauma-informed” in design and fully teachable by facilitators trained to lead the MBCPM™ courses. Course materials include an MBCSM workbook and alternative download meditations that replace the meditations customized to the pain course, though the Nature, Sleep, and Room meditations remain the same. It has the same 3 Modules of the pain course:

Module 1:  Introduce tools to increase wise-mind and resilience

Module 2:  Enhance the mind-body connection and self-nurture

Module 3:  Enhance relationship skills in a broad context

Alumni Mindfulness Matters Maintenance

Alumni of the MBCSM courses can join a weekly drop in maintenance if one is located near them, or established in their workplace, or via Zoom from home or office with the NNC team’s weekly series.

Lumina Learning Series:  Spark, Leader, Team, Sales, Talent, Emotion, 360

These customized corporate courses are ideal add-ons to the mindfulness courses and workshops for any corporation and have proven their worth in clinical patients in improving relationships at home and at work (and, our research showed, reducing pain in chronic pain conditions). Patients have given feedback that it was important to do the mindfulness work first to provide greatest benefit, though Lumina Learning is in corporations as a stand alone:  And, we believe, improves on older courses such as True Colours, Insights, and Myers Briggs.

The Lumina Learning courses have great corporate benefit, promoting more productive and happier workplaces. The courses are fun and illuminating. Course materials include a binder which describes the participant’s own characteristics (from doing a prior on-line questionnaire) and how they change under conditions of relaxation, normal workday, and heightened stress. Knowing the interplay of personalities enhances relationships, creating more skillful respectful interactions.

Usually taught over a one day period (half day is possible), it is best to provide regular updating sessions to keep the benefits of this fun and illuminating work alive.

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