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    Items to Remember Before You Start Your Program

    If you are offering the MBCPM™ program, please remember to sign the licensing agreement and pay the licensing fee (contact [email protected] to set this up).  Attending the mentoring Masterclass sessions is included in your licensing fee.


    • Setting Up Mindfulness Courses Onsite and Online (Webinar)

    Preliminary Program Documents (suggested)

    Program Materials

    OR (Purchase Individually)

    Registration Documents (edit to your needs)

    • Patient / Client Guidelines for Online Sessions (Template)
    • Zoom Guidelines (Template)
    • Registration Form (Template)
    • Entry History Form (Printed Template) *suited to MD facilitators and can be modified; registration contains / confidentiality paragraph

    Suggested Outcome Measures:

    Out of Class Homework (Documents with Embedded Video Links)

    Week 1 (Download)Week 7 (Download)
    Week 2 (Download)Week 8 (Download)
    Week 3 (Download)Week 9 (Download)
    Week 4 (Download)Week 10 (Download)
    Week 5 (Download)Week 11 (Download)
    Week 6 (Download)Week 12 (Download)

    End of Program Documents (edit to your needs)


    • Zoom Poll Question (Template) *usually given in class 5 or 6