• Purchasing Course Materials

    To supplement our teachings, please find below the resources we highly recommend to accompany the MBCPMTM program.

    Option 1 – Meditation Downloads + The Mindfulness Solution to Pain eBook (purchase here)


    Option 2 – Meditation Downloads (purchase here)

    "Turning Point" Guidelines

    In order to create an online space that is supportive and respectful for all in attendance, we have formulated a set of guidelines for us to be mindful of.

    Click here to view.

    Attitudes of Mindfulness

    As mentioned, the Attitudes of Mindfulness serve as a foundational element of our practice. They are concepts we can find new meaning in every time we visit them.

    Attitudes (1 to 4) Click here to view.

    Meditation Props and Positioning

    Images relating to meditation props mentioned in class 2.

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    MBCPM Course Resources

    This section contains additional resources discussed in our sessions together. New content may be added as the course progresses.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.