• Christie Tait, BSc, BScN, MN, NP-PHC

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    Christie Tait is a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in headache disorders and persisting post-concussion syndrome. She is also a chronic migraine sufferer who has integrated mindfulness into her own lived experience with pain.

    Christie has a private practice where she offers an integrative approach to managing headache disorders by optimizing both natural and medicinal strategies. She also works as a director and clinician in two community-based headache specialty centres.

    Outside of clinic, Christie does advocacy work for migraine sufferers and educates fellow healthcare providers on headache management.

    Christie has recently completed the facilitator training for MBCPM™ and is excited to bring this practice to those living with persisting headache and pain disorders.

    Christie lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her partner and four children.