• Debbie Joel, B.A.

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    Debbie Joel is on staff with NeuroNova Centre (NNC), currently co-hosting NNC’s weekly Mindfulness Matters Maintenance for MBCPM™️ alumni, and Mindful Movements, offered weekly free online to the general public to help with the isolation COVID brought. She provides instructor and tutorial support for the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies’ (UTSCS) trainings in the Applied certificate in MBCPM™️ Facilitation. She has co-facilitated MBCPM™️ patient courses with their founder, Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix, Medical Director of the MBCPMTM Programme.

    Debbie has a B.A. (Psychology) from the University of Toronto. She began her Mindfulness journey in 1974 when she lived on Salt Spring Island, home to many meditators, in British Columbia. Returning to Ontario in 1991 she worked for Ontario Works until 2016. These 25 years of experience working with socio-economic minorities in a rapidly changing multi-cultural landscape have proved to be invaluable in her present Mindfulness work.

    Debbie has also studied with Dr. Stephen Rinaldi, achieving a Certification with the University of Holistic Theology in Florida. As a chronic pain sufferer with the lived experience of a severely broken leg and two hip replacements, she began training with NNC in 2014.

    Debbie lives in Whitby, Ontario, Canada with her dog Luke, and loves working in her garden.